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Century Transportation has developed and operated both fixed route and Paratransit systems in multiple size communities across Ontario for over 25 years.

Our extensive experience and commitment to highly trained drivers and safe, well maintained vehicles has provided communities with a complete transit package covering all facets of transit operations with expertise in:
  • Safe on road operations and monitoring
  • On time performance
  • Ongoing training for operators, mechanics, managers and more
  • Daily transit operations
  • Paratransit operations
  • A.O.D.A compliance for drivers and management
  • Efficiency in run cutting and scheduling
  • Facility management
  • Complete Fleet Maintenance
  • Driver development programs
  • Key performance indicator reporting

Century Transportation will continue to bring each commuter Safely Home with its commitment to core values: Safety, Customer Service, Resourcefulness, Integrity, Positive Attitude, Team Work, Loyalty, Accountability, Respect, and Dedication.

Century Transportation will make your travel experience a pleasure with our commitment to our core values : Safety,Customer Service,Resourcefulness,Integrity,Positive Attitude,Teamwork,Loyality,Accountability Respect and Dedication.
Safety • Customer Service • Resourcefulness • Integrity • Positive Attitude • Teamwork • Loyality • Accountability • Respect • Dedication
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